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P. O. Box 33904
London NW9 7ZU, England

CR001 APRIL ETHEREAL (Poland) ''Advent'' - Aggressive Death Metal with OPETH-like acoustic parts and merciless drum-machine.
CR002 HELL-BORN (Poland) ''Hellblast''
CR003 IMMEMORIAL (Poland) ''Monologue'' - Finest Attacking Death/Black Metal with devilish female singer Marta. Take no prisoners!
CR004 MESS AGE (Poland) ''Self-convicted'' - Heavy Metal with Thrash guitars and Death growl. Additional vocals by Nergal (BEHEMOTH) 
CR005 QUO VADIS (Poland) ''Krol''
CR006 HELL-BORN (Poland) ''The Call Of Mediggo''
You can order each CD only for 9,99 U$D (Europe) or £6.99 (Great Britain)