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Hail Brothers In Metal!

jjhjhjhjHere you've visited ODIUM Productions/E-zine webside. English version is still under heavy (metal?) construction, but we've decided to make English written menu to all our pages. So now you can see what kind of stainless steel our readers visit day-by-day and how we work. And, of course, RELEASES, MAILORDER and LINKS sections are adapted for our foreign visitors. If you have some questions or propositions, feel free contact us or leave your message directly in GUESTBOOK.  Soon we'll change our host to professional one, couse we're sick and tired with all these stupid adds and banners.
ти тллSupport The Underground Scene! In Union We Stand!

Olga Vasyura, P. O. Box 14, 32300, Kamenets-Podolsky, UKRAINE.