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odium002 GRENOUER 2001 "The Odour O' Folly"

1. Your Beast Tonight (5:38)
2. Confident (2:41) [
3. Stabbed By Touch (3:49)
4. Soulhunters (Spiritual Archers) (3:29)
5. Skittle Man (4:21)
6. Death Ought To Wait For Me (4:03)
7. In-Sect (4:58) [
8. Take On Me (A-HA Cover) (4:10)
9. Mind Ruins (7:49)

Recorded at Navahohut Studios by Navaho Music.

Lyrics and arrangements by GRENOUER. Except "Take On Me" originally composed by A-HA.

Sergey Lyalin is responsible for the drums, Alexander "Motor" Sokolov plays the guitars, Viatcheslav Kolchin uses his fingers for the bass, Andrew "The Indian" Merzlyakov sings, growls and screams, Denis "Dekan" Davidov invariably plays the guitar during live shows.

Release date: February 2002.

Available for: 8 GRN (UKRAINE), 45 RUB (RUSSIA), 5 USD/5 EURO (EUROPE), 6 USD (WORLD).



The weekend sprayed delight blasting far and wide
A point of peculiar sense
The table was laid for two
Plain candles lit the room
That bitch seemed ready to cheer
Pretty, made to fondle, nearly maddened over
Looking forward to the luxury
An extinguisher, screwy parasite banged a tap at the door

"Oh Hallo! Do welcome me or am I late?
Hide your dismay, let fornicate, I'm just your beast

To overshadow your state
To finish with you"
She got it , oh baby
Her eyes were blue

Scabby crooky arms grabbed the dutiful victim to captivate
The clew of riven veins, gushing out entrails
Cartilaginous substances waved

A damped down cramp
The high light of nates
A cramp in conclusion
The job looked done

A late admirer pushed open the folds, in a second grew torpid
There was no more girlfriend for him in this world
Not even a dead body
The mess all around resembled Hades - the imbrued decoration
He skipped sudden yells right into his ears
"Perhaps you'd better stop!"

A lustful satire was breeding the pyre
A stake scenery, a scary display
Caught in the act hot on the drag
All qualmish and pious
The arrested turnback

Someone had called police
Whoever else - the Beast
The production was great
Heavy pinioned arms, a truncheons' endearment
Slapdash interrogations
Precious accusations for a disjointed account
It wasn't a show at the court
Well, the electric chair for the slaughterware
Screams of the asshole to pray

"Lord, oh no, it has been my date, I'm not to blame
Set me free, how can it be… Feels like insane…"


Strap me, plague me, would you grip me?
Deprecation, insurrection
Still feel alive I'm confident
Yearning to cast you down
Still feel abused I'm evident to deviate from laws
Still interdicted from rivalry, still got the noxious flam
Personalized monstrosities
Into the world of damn

Corpulent prolixity
Sloppy turbid shame
Pitiable tenacity
Unresponsive vane

The lackluster zest has rubberized the rest
Carrion's serenity
Tawny pallor

Rack me, fold me, could you hasp me?
Overanxious invocation
Still feel alive I'm confident, unbearable and extreme
Still contradict I'm insolent in desecration of trim
I stigmatize, notorious, gonna dispatch my wounds
Still outstay I'm glorious, a contumacious coon


Sightless as ever
Normally kind
A cripple husband
Tried eye for eye
Giving vent to offence
A reinstated eminence
Made amends in a sense
Challenging means and ends

Winsome and precious
A frivolous maid
Had kept him waiting
That freaky mole
He ambushed a missile push
Of stratified jealousy
A biting clutch, a ruby smudge
An outrageous lunacy

An inner hound, blood to mount
A sticky tongue, an open mouth
Greedy want of the horned
Utmost harm, an alarm


Stubborn convulsions
Agonized shrieks
Fearful vengeance
A pegging out chick
Gaping wounds, reeling looms
A stone-blind injury
A mind collapse, a relapse
Punitive dispatches

Fulsome haunts, fretful taunts
A rowdy wheeze, an instant squeeze
That flirty sludge was stabbed by touch
A throat gap, a stained flap


Scary thoughts cast, cast lots
The hell attends my mind
A slinking shade with gentle steps acts a gloomy part
I fall a prey, I feel the pulse of its wicked lung
The goddamn stranger sucks membranes
Masticates behind

Inhuman habits, oppressor's aims
I flee from its embrace
A prior claim of its claims
I run a stumbling race

Blood stained brains
Nothing really remains

Sharp-clawed limbs throw around
I seem to lie in hiding
Then I drive to a frenzy
Get into a fury
My affection flies to bits
All my hopes are dashed
A greedy mouth digs into
The spring of life's compound

Blood stained brains
These archers
Nothing really remains

The chase anew, reality
The point of intersection
Honey tongue, the heat of gall
The snare has been set
Tiled walls, doctor's smocks
Make me that shit
While the feeling of pursuit
Fuels my common zest


Spooky screams
A blow of steam
A cock-eyed budyroo
Snotty winks
A ride on the blink
Lousy tricks
The scandal leeks

Black 'n blue
Your hair 's filled with glue
Hardly revealed, hardly relied on
Stretched to hips
A split is on your lips
The whole belly has been cut

Intertwine your roots, hush down hoots
What a jerk of misery
Swanky habits, turbid shapes, an insecure tensity

Fall, you've got to fall
Your inner world is a piece of shit
Stroll an endless stroll
Your head is kicked
Excess and sick

Stale and grim
A harp on one string
Mesmerized, hypnotized
Deep ablaze, sleepless and flayed
The delirium has set in
Retchful nodes, intermittent lope
Dopey pies in the sky
Sneaky thoughts
Being at odds
An absurd hotshot guy

Roll, again you roll, you fuss and stroll
And turn the turtle
Why, why don't you settle
You are about to chill your bones

All the mud is yours, all the belch
Cuffs and bums, corny hurts
A pensive traction, a broody fake
Gaudy smart fractured blague

Bowl you bowl along, you strike the ball under the line
A rake, as thin as a rake
The more you hate
The less you know


A pig has launched a pussy's forge
Malignant broods remark with hoots
They waste their time with no concern
Just serve one's turn
The matter brooks no delay

A senseless quiz to wink your lens, to grab a goal
With no pretence of laying on a downy bed
Which keeps your head above still waters

And I revive and then survive
To play the proof to pad the hoof
I'm on beam I am on wires
My words are glib
Highly inspired

Though I had plenty of battles to fight
Trouble affairs and sleepless nights
The noose was fastened around my neck
And I replied Death ought to wait for me

And when it comes I turn Her back
We shake our hands, disperse like friends
The vital spark flows on again
Cause I keep saying Death ought to wait for me

They say I was born with a silver spoon
That's not enough
You should be tough
I find amusing an uncertain weakness
We must make our life
We are a-choosing
…Ought to wait for me


Load of cares, we plod on our way
A certain addiction to light
Leftovers and gick, a bottle of hay
The burrow has been furnished right
Shaggy paws, bronzed chitin, membranous pinions
Look out your best to avoid the fall into somebody's clutches

Relative truth keeps on the alert
Good reasons to gain height
Commodious instincts are wide on the mark
Our memory is a blank

I am an insect of an amazing world
I praise my essence sticking to the rules
Of the communion sliced into huge folds
Hail to my presence with a tremendous boom

Crawl, stir, creep, hiss

An edible larval chrysalis

Self-assured conceited creatures
Appointed virtues
Unfamiliar with reflection
Tiny resourceful destroyers
Lethal beauty, fatuous orgasms
A voluptuous trend
Elaborate traps, a proficient chasm
Routine mortal hours

I am a human, tetchy and insane
Reincarnative with my clasping sting
I am a monster of some other kind
Hail to my progress in heart-rending fright

Tread, sneak, fuss, preen

A troublesome A-HA cover

We're talking away
I don't know what
I'm to say
I'll say it anyway
Today's another day to find you
Shying away
I'll be coming for your love, OK?

Take on me
Take me on
I'll be gone
In a day or two

So needless to say
I'm odds and ends but that's me
Stumbling away
Slowly learning that life is OK
Say after me
It's no better to be safe than sorry

Take on me
Take me on
I'll be gone
In a day or two

Oh the things that you say
Is it live or just to play
My worries away
You're all the things I've got to remember
You're shying away
I'll be coming for you anyway

Take on me
Take me on
I'll be gone
In a day or two…


Flaring knots of benevolence
Nerves to cut, overgrown
Malty contracts with elegance
A crude and naked and old anthropoid for the privileged
An execration to gripe
Takes refuge in violence
Remains true to type

Twist the wrist
Raid upon
Flattery will not do

Consummate, mystify
Little pigeons can fly
Breathe against the tide
Dice away every right
Interlacing inside
Let the fury be white
Let yourself off your dot
Or return to the slops

Armchair love is market maze
Introspect blatant lies
Lifelong burdens to carry on
Dizzy attraction shows
Sweep your tenacious memories
Put the world to the sack
Harvest folly and ignorance
Use a fearful hack

Everything reels before
Your stark eye
Takes a shine

So wake up paralyzed
Being doubtfully wise
A bloody bastard to dare
From nowhere to nowhere
Laid to waste faint hopes, left to puzzle out knots
Till the end of the days
Mankind weeds grow apace

Consummate, mystify
Little pigeons can fly
Breathe against the tide
Dice away every right
Interlacing inside
Let the fury be white
Let yourself off your dot
Or return to the slops

So wake up paralyzed
Being doubtfully
A bloody bastard to dare
From nowhere to nowhere
Laid to waste faint hopes, left to puzzle out knots
Till the end of the days
Mankind weeds grow apace…