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odium005 NIGHTSIDE 1998 "Oneiric Reign"

1. Sorrow Of Remembrances (4:47)
2. Nocturnal Vision (3:49)
3. Comet (4:42)
4. Obliteration Of Conscious Ego (5:17)
5. Destiny (bonus track í98) (5:13)
6. Black Tears * (3:16)


All music and lyrics composed by NIGHTSIDE in spring í97 except * by EDGE OF SANITY.   

Cover artwork by Sergey Mihailov.  

Release date: April 2003.

Available for: 8 GRN (UKRAINE), 45 RUB (RUSSIA), 5 EURO (EUROPE), 6 USD (WORLD).


sorrow of remembrances

 dreams of my mind, or those i believed and reality, if it was, were fused with the reminiscence arms, molded by damned layer, the grains sliding has no place inside to forgiveness, the sand has taken the place of blood and flows tearing the passage of hate, evil warms itself and hugs you. like a nurse with so deep eyes, so bewitched that you lose yourself and canít even understand their hidden secret. seasonís lightings, suffocated the breath, leave green expanses, ancient desertsí regrets, in the desolation of an atrium undressed of his red. my deepest sicknesses rise again from oblivion of remembrances. the hemisphere goes on to populate the instant while the fire star submerges the deep abyss, freezing the silence in crystals of Eden. looking for white wingís escape, moving in the darkness, sun announcement. no mercy the beat glass does stop her falling. time doesnít forget open his judgment and put away my destiny. lost in eternity, alone with my memories.

nocturnal vision

 from the spectral garden, precious shelter, the unknownís melancholy poem rises. a silent cortege of crying streams, marked by a line of blood. prepares himself to leave to the autumnal land, the last farewell. the mute laurel kills silence, in his epicedium changes into a willow. even the sun, old by now, screams his lament, in the dying vision he covers with blood every figure, conscious to reborn child every time. the sleeping worldís companions come and still the things are anymore hidden into oceanic silences gazing at the sweet cradles of astral illusions. in the appearance of non-existence donít leave prints at every step. for all eternity eternal instant. (the) moment of the shorter shadows is only a memory, only a memory not regret. now they are indefinite, illusory, created by the satellite pallor bathing every being and plays, showing another face, perhaps the real one, that fades away into a flecting nocturnal passage and buried the moon behind a hill all turns back and the unknown poem finishes.


 Öand the stars take on the magic dimension. it seems they follow perfect orders, time and space, inside us, comes out to get together with then. are visions? orÖ but every time i see the moon, i feel i am a part of her offspring. bless me, abduct me, why canít you hear me. here my life is only a lie, lost, alone, the dream will show me the way. iím attracted by her light, i would reach it, touch it and my spirit loses him in the universe that i canít describe Ďcause of my limited nature. celestial bodies let out minds play and we give them unknown forces, a light with three tails illuminates the whole space and my eyes are consumed by her solitude, i blaze again, i burn in the deep looking up in the sky always the same question: why?

obliteration of conscious ego

 passing has turned into an echo digging in the lobes. immovable, dead flowing. transporters (are) tired. lawmakers killed. images donít stream along. particles (are) shattering behind lifeless trees. collapsing, falling down and surrendering, connections (are) in ruins. islands are sinking. no sea, no sounds. everythingís still. the column is crumbling under the weight of the unknown existence. purple backstreets are asleep, act and power show no difference, in the galleries where silence resounds. i create obscurity and the liquid, that says where i am, is dumb. far away invisibles have begun their decay. icons and signs are ever more convulsive. if you could feel the sadness of my true essence. pathís getting confused revolving on itself. now no one can feel my true essence anymore. images donít stream along. particles (are) shattering behind lifeless trees. paroxysmal flashes uselessly awake whatís left. i donít want to go on, iím tired, light is nearer and nearer.